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A quick logo design leads to inquiries

Iron Goat Software Logo Design

A little more than a year ago I had posted a quick logo design of a charging goat along with the processWhat followed was several months of emails with inquires for logo design work from people from America to Poland. One of the inquires was for an over arching brand, the client wanted a logo design that could be used across his multiple business. The main two businesses were for a gunsmithing and software development business, the logo design needed to complement both these along with any future business ventures that may come along in the future.

Sketching is important

Sketching is an important part of logo design and it may come as a surprise to hear that many designers can’t draw. My logo design process always starts with a sketch so I can make sure that the visual communication is appropriate for the project. Below are a few of the sketches I drew, the goal was to communicate aggressiveness without coming off as sinister:

Iron Goat logo design sketches

I offered several directions but it was decided that the charging stance would be best and I came up with the following sketch:

Iron Goat logo deign sketch

A computer is just a tool much like a pencil; computers have sped up the logo design process by removing the need for paints, markers, and drying times but they haven’t toppled the skill of line control. So the next time you’re thinking of hiring a designer for a logo design, be sure to ask if they can draw.


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